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My research focuses on the influence of hearing loss on hearing difficulties and listening effort, as assessed with psychophysiological indices such as pupillometry and cardiovascular measures.

AdrianaZekveldI’m coordinator of the MSCA Doctoral Network project EASYLI which assesses the benefits and costs of effortful listening in occupational settings. In addition, I’m co-PI of the ZonMW project REAL-HEARING (Real-life measurement of the influence of hearing loss and listening effort on stress systems). In this project, 2 PhD students and a junior researcher assess the link between lab-based physiological measures of listening effort and ambulatory acquired parameters of stress in daily life. I was involved as co-PI in the Marie-Slodowska Curie H2020 ITN EID project “HEAR-ECO” in which 6 Early Stage Researchers worked on the development of ecological test conditions and measures for the evaluation of hearing aid benefit. These measures included pupillometry, measurement of the pupil size, as index of listening effort. HEAR-ECO was a collaboration between the Section Ear & Hearing, Dept. of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery¬†of the VUmc, Oticon A/S, the University of Nottingham, and the Liverpool John Moores University.

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