AdrianaZekveldAdriana Zekveld (PhD) is a senior researcher at the Section Ear & Hearing, Dept. of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, VU medical center, Amsterdam.

Zekveld currently focuses on the application of pupillometry to assess listening effort during speech perception tasks. She is co-applicant of the ZonMW project REAL-HEARING and main applicant (PI) of the associated HANSA project that assess the relationship between hearing loss and physiological measures of listening effort and stress in laboratory and real-world (ambulatory) conditions. She is coordinator of a recently started MSCA Doctoral Network project EASYLI, and co-PI of the recently finished Marie Curie ITN EC project (HEAR-ECO). HEARECO aimed to develop and assess ecologically valid conditions for the evaluation of hearing-aid benefit using physiological measures including pupillometry.

Research focus:

  • Physiological measures of cognitive processing during listening (pupillometry, cardiovascular measures, skin conductance, and fMRI)
  • Speech comprehension, hearing loss, age, listening effort & cognition
  • Cognitive hearing science
  • Cognitive test development (Text Reception Threshold test)
  • Evaluation of the speech perception benefit obtained from telephone-applications during speech comprehension

See: list of publications for more information.